Join Our Guided Culinary Tour in Cape Coral, FL

Reserve here to be part of a small group - only 4 to 12 people - for about 2.5 to 3 hours on a Guided Food Tour through Cape Coral, Florida’s original Downtown.

You will visit three or four places for a small plate tasting at each stop. Limited drinks are also included in the Tour price as an option.

The walking distance is about one mile. But the three or four food stops break up the distance, with seat experience at the trendiest Gastropubs, Breweries, and specialty restaurants leaving you content at the end, yet eager to return for another Tour. Our local guides are great personalities whom you would choose as a friend. In addition to eating and drinking the most talked about selections in Southwest Florida, you’ll enjoy light-hearted commentary about Downtown history and about the restaurants chosen for your visit. Most participants agree that there is no need for a meal after a CAPE CORAL CULINARY TOUR.

CAPE CORAL CULINARY TOURS are suitable for adults and grown kids, and are offered for Sunday Brunch, Thursday Get-Outta-the-House evenings, and coming soon – Just Lunch.

* We apologize in advance. We cannot accommodate participants’ food sensitivities. * Public parking is FREE at our meeting point, but no transport (other than your own two feet) will be provided for a tour. * Thanks, y’all for trusting us to pick your tastings. Sorry, though. No substitutions will be provided.* No penalty for cancelling more than 24 hours before a Tour. After that, reservations are nonrefundable. * Last but not least: Mother Nature is the real boss in Florida. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule (with appropriate notice to you, of course) before a TOUR if lightning or other severe weather scares the beGesus out of us..



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